Calender app for team and family

FootCal is an organization and control website with free app. In addition to a handy calendar overview, it is also the perfect means of communication between club and members with useful feedback functions for parents/players.

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What can FootCal mean for your football club ?

All youth trainers and / or team representatives have undoubtedly already experienced it: how do I contact all players or parents to inform them when the next match or training takes place? And more importantly : how do I keep track of all those presences / absences ?

Or what about this: a central place where all the data of the players and club employees can be found, and where all the addresses of the opponents are ?

Parents and players who can consult their play and training schedule at all times at a glance ?

The FootCal app offers all this and much more. It collects a lot of data and shows this very clearly to the user. Parents and players can easily indicate if they will or will not attend a training or match.

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